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Masters Tournament Info

Postby Becky » Fri Sep 09, 2005 5:05 pm

We have 58 entries for this weekend's tournament. The current list of entrants is below. If we get to 61 entries, we will take 16 into match play.

Lane Conditions - We are using three patterns. Block one will be the shortest, Block two will be the longest and Match Play will on a pattern with a length in between the others.

Practice - Practice will not be allowed on the tournament lanes or condition. Warm-up/practice on the house shot is allowed if lanes are available. Bowlers will get twenty minutes of open practice at the start of each qualifying squad.

Reservations are still being accepted up until tonight, Friday, at 10PM. Email or call 203-377-0161. No new members allowed.

Reservations and walk-ins will be accepted Saturday at the discretion of the tournament director Becky Kregling. Call 203-377-0161 for tournament information. If you are not on the list below and you hope to bowl, it is recommended you call before driving to the center. Check in at least thirty minutes prior to the start of the squad.

Entrants - Alex Aguiar, Tom Andrelli, Roy Bartolomeo, Brian Boghosian, RJ Broege, John Carter, Alex Cavagnaro, Jesse Cote, Stephen Dale Jr., Kevin Dee, Keith DeMaine, Tom Durand, Ollie Ellard, John Ellis, Mike Fagan, Tony Federici, Steve Fiume, Chris Forry, Mike Fries, Brian Gaskill, Tim Gillick, Bill Gross, Darrell Guertin, Steve Hardy, Curtis Harris, Jason Hebert, Matt Janas, Chris Jolicoeur, John Kirker, Keith Laing, Joel Leider, Mike Lichstein, Dave Lisowski, Tony Lopes, Mike Malone, Vic Marotto, Tom McCarrick, Russ Michaud, Nick Miseno, Chris Monroy, Jason Novaco, Frank Pawlus III, Chris Rebstock, Ed Roberts, Scott Santos, Steve Silverman, Chris Sole, George Tignor, Jon Van Hees, Chris Viale, Amy Viale, Jeff Voght, Bill Webb, Dan White, John Williston, Chris Wood, Scott Wood, John Zawalick
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