Ebonite Point Leader Invitational - January 11,2009 (1/8/09)

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Ebonite Point Leader Invitational - January 11,2009 (1/8/09)

Postby Becky » Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:59 am

Ebonite Point Leader Invitational - January 11, 2009

original post by Becky on Sat Dec 20, 2008 2:37 am
last updated by Becky on Sat Jan 9, 2009 at 11:35 am


** Even though there is a snow storm in the forecast, the tournament will be run Sunday. If you are delayed or have to cancel, call or text Becky ASAP at 203-377-0161. Text is preferred. If the voice mail box is full, call 203-727-7457 (no text at this number). Ignore the 8AM-10PM phone rules and contact me at anytime of day for this weekend only! If you need to cancel, you will only get a refund if your spot is filled. I have 2 people interested in bowling if there is a last minute cancellation so contact me ASAP if you cannot make it. **

Final bowler List Updated 1/9/09

(43 Totals Bowlers from Top 48 + 5 alternates)

(48 Bowlers Confirmed)
Bob Glenn (Paid Full)
Brandon Robertson (Deposit)
Brian Boghosian (Paid Full)
Chad Autore (Paid Full)
Chris Jolicoeur (Deposit)
Cliff Wheelock (Paid Full)
Craig Asselin (Paid Full)
Dave Forcier (Paid Full)
David Reali (Paid Full)
Eric Copping (Paid Full)
Geoff Wetzler (Paid Full)
John Ellis (Deposit)
John Kirker (Deposit)
John Rusin (Paid Full)
John Williston (Paid Full)
Jon Van Hees (Paid Full)
Matthew Brockett (Deposit)
Mike Cordeiro (Paid Full)
Rob Mota (Paid Full)
Scott Santos (Paid Full)
Steve Blanchet (Paid Full)
Steve Fiume (Paid Full)
Steve Hardy (Paid Full)
Steve Jones (Paid Full)
Tim Gillick (Paid Full)
Tim Hansen (Deposit)
Todd Lathrop (Paid Full)
Tom Durand (Paid Full)
Tom Hansen (Paid Full)
Alex Aguiar (Paid Full)
Brian Gaskill (Paid Full)
Tim Healey (Paid Full)
Chris Forry (Paid Full)
Scott Widmer (Paid Full)
Mike Lichstein (Paid Full)
Chris Sole (Deposit)
Chris Viale (Deposit)
Ollie Ellard (Deposit)
Chris Hall (Bowling)
Stephen Dale Jr. (Bowling)
Bill Webb (Paid Full)
R.J. Broege (Paid Full)
Russ Michaud (Deposit)
Randy Hagemoser (Alt Bowling)
Roger Baral (Alt Bowling)
Tony Bennett (Alt Bowling)
Tom Andrelli (Alt Bowling)
Jim Rusin (Alt Bowling)

TOP 48
Frankie Calca (Not Bowling)
Chris Gauvin (Not Bowling)
Dan White (Not Bowling)
Bill Tessier II (Not Bowling)
Derek Pontes (Not Bowling)
Chris Monroy (Cancelled)
Barry Warshafsky-Alt 5 (Not Bowling)
Rich Reynolds-Alt 12 (Not Bowling)
Rich Valenti-7(Not Bowling)
Jason Sherwood-3 (No interest form)
DJ Jones-9 (No interest form)
Steve Engel-10 (No interest form)

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Ebonite Point Leader Invitational - January 11, 2009
by Becky on Sat Dec 20, 2008 2:37 am

This list is being updated as I am contacted about people bowling.

The Ebonite Point Leader Invitational
Sunday, January 11, 2009 ~ Qualifying starts at 11AM
Alley Katz Bowling Center in Westerly, RI

5-game qualifying (carryover pins to next round)
Top 24 advance to 3 game semi-finals (Drop all pins)
Top 6 advance to 6 game round-robin match play finals with bonus pins for win
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Postby Becky » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:23 pm

The weather forecast for Saturday into Sunday has me concerned that some may not be able or interested in making the trip to RI on Sunday morning. I want to have a full field and I am not bringing my equipment :) so below is a list of the next group of bowlers on the points list. If anyone on this list is interested in bowling, if a spot opens up Sunday morning, please contact me and give me your cell phone number. If a spot opens up, I will text anyone who has shown interest. If you know anyone on this list who may not check the message board in the next 24 hours, please pass on this message.

Text me at 203-377-0161 with your name and phone number or call me at 203-727-7457.
Texts are my first choice since I can save the information in my phone.

Remember this will only be if a spot opens up Sunday morning!!!

Tony Federici - 25
John Zawalick - 26
Bill Holota - 27
Billy Trudell - 28
Miles Coplan - 29
Vic Giorgio - 30
Jon Matunas - 31
Ryan Devlin - 32
Michael Rock Jr. - 33
Frank Locascio - 34
Dave Kipperman - 35
Jason Mahon - 36
Jeff Paternostro - 37
Bill Green - 38
Chris Rebstock - 39
Bill Hartman - 40
Mike Patrie - 41
Jesse Cote - 42
Del Picard Jr. - 43
Josh Ostertag - 44
Joey Baral - 45
Jim Bosse - 46
Joe Talarczyk - 47
Chris Larson - 48
Rick Cashell - 49
Mike Colby - 50
John Campo - 51
Nick Miseno - 52
Joel Leider - 53
Matt Brown - 54
Al Gagliardi - 55
Larry King - 56
Angelo Morgillo Sr. - 57
Vinnie Furtado - 58
Mike Cardullo - 59
Sean Richard - 60
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