TBD tournaments?

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TBD tournaments?

Postby nmbr1sun99 » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:59 pm

Does anyone know where the upcoming tournaments will be? They all say TBD
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby DeMaine » Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:17 pm

Yeah I asked the same question a few weeks back...I guess planning ahead is out of the question. Maybe we'll find out on the little post card we get a day or two before the tournament. Arguably the best scratch tournament around...to me seems like getting more and more unorganized. I remember a few years back on our membership card it used to list all the tournaments and their locations. Does anyone on the board have any input? Maybe I don't bowl enough tournaments and don't know what I'm talking about.
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby stan821 » Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:06 pm

I find it hard to believe that centers for upcoming tournaments haven't been arranged. How can you expect to draw bowlers if no one knows where the tournaments will be? Any response from anyone who knows anything?
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby MAGIC_PENCIL » Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:01 pm

I agree with what all the guys above said 100%.Even though I dont bowl anymore but would like to come watch a few NEBA's and see some old friends during the summer/fall tournaments in the Mass./R.I. area.

Having to put in for time off 3 weeks in advance,it doesnt make it easier not knowing where the tournaments are or when.

Years ago,The NEBA schedule was set by the start of every new season in January,printed on your membership card,like Keith said.Times have changed.

But I can understand why its hard for centers to give linage/practice fee breaks during the hard economical times at the momment and give up on their hard,solid income cash..I.E open/league play/glow bowling time on the lanes by the general public VS. 1 huge tournament tying up the lanes all day Sunday.Thats at the centers disgression on where the most $$$$ is going to be made.There are factors involved there on the managers choice which to choose.

For example,Bradley Bowl was forever a stop in Sept. for NEBA.BNE buys out Bradley a few years ago,no breaks on linage/practice anymore=NEBA doesnt go to bradley anymore.It all about the bottom line $$$$ now,not the bowlers/tournaments.

Even those factors are down in centers across the country,it's still their bread&butter,day in and day out,so they have to look out what's best for their centers income and not just 1 or 2 events a year in their/any particular center.Some centers cater to multi-Neba's a year(E.P.,Westgate,Silver,Cranston~~Big centers),others dont(Smaller centers).

Not picking on any establishments in particular,but am I wrong?...Smaller centers,like I said before,rely on daily cash to stay afloat,bigger centers=more people=more revenue=they can ride it out longer and give linage brakes for tournaments.

My 2 Cents worth....Anyone care to comment?


"Unemployment is someone who is just between 2 jobs at the momment"

**Note-The April NEBA(Laurel Lanes) & The May NEBA(Westgate Lanes) have been updated on the schedule,but thats it for now.**
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby Transue » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:37 pm

It is very hard for any center to give lineage discounts, but most bowling center operators are passionate about this game and are willing to "give a little to get a little". Case in point, my family owns Alley Katz where the Point Leader Tourney was held. My dad got on the mic before one of our more competitive leagues telling everyone to come watch "The Best Bowlers In New England This Sunday". Did he want to only get $2.00 a game? Of course not, but it was good exposure for us (being a center that alot of people didnt know existed) and he's very passionate about the game and the business.

From a money standpoint look at the non champs lineage breakdown, they paid $1992 to Cranston Bowl, plus all of the food,beer,vending,etc. Now being there that day, they did have a large league on one of the sides on Sunday Morning but other than that they had little or no play after until closer to 4 or 5pm. Not saying it's a ton of money but from the looks of it they didnt have alot coming thru the door that day that I noticed

As far as the TBA dates, that is a little weird coming from NEBA, like Demaine and Magic Pencil said above the membership cards always used to have the full year schedule on them, and i also get the postcards the Friday before the tournament. Lets keep in mind that Jack is unfortunately resigning, and they are probably really busy trying to find a replacement that will even come close to him.

The good news is that they added stats and new newsletters recently, so maybe the work is starting to get caught up on. Good luck to everyone this weekend
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby Gasman » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:23 am

This is not from an official source but I heard through the grapevine that the schedule is set pending the results of the upcoming vote of the no practice rule after the 3 month trial . Bid sheets were based on there being practice lineage. If paid practice is eliminated for good, some houses will want to raise tournament lineage or possibly drop off the schedule altogether so It makes sense not to make the schedule public until that vote even if it is done.
Brian Gaskill
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby MAGIC_PENCIL » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:29 pm

Gasman wrote:This is not from an official source but I heard through the grapevine that the schedule is set pending the results of the upcoming vote of the no practice rule after the 3 month trial . Bid sheets were based on there being practice lineage. If paid practice is eliminated for good, some houses will want to raise tournament lineage or possibly drop off the schedule altogether so It makes sense not to make the schedule public until that vote even if it is done.

After posting about The TBD Tourament topic,I was thinking the same thing Brian on why centers havnt commited yet.Raised linage rates vs. no practice/take their house off the schedule...tough call there.

Hard to find new centers to host a tournament the size of NEBA when many are closing or aren't big enough.Many people dont like to travel anymore and with the spring/summer comming,more than likely gas prices will go up again,like they do every summer.And the others who cant afford to bowl anymore,do to lost jobs and relocating.

Look at my quote below it will tell you the situation I am in at the momment & the future doesn't look promissing any time soon.....:(

"Unemployment is someone who is between 2 jobs at the momment"

My 2 Cents.
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby Emaho » Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:53 am

I have a response and insight regarding the posts that are above. I manage AMF Auburn lanes and have been wondering what our status is for this upcoming year. I have unfortunately heard through the grape vine that we are getting our stop stripped from us due to our HVAC problem that we had last year. If that is true, that due to the situation that was out of our control last year we lost out this year then that sucks. We have been more than obliging with both stops we had last year. We were asked to put out a tough shot for points leaders and we did. It might have been too tough for what some were looking at but we did oblige to what was directed to us. Last year for our Sept. visit it just so happened to be the highest day of humidity outside with the dew point on the opressive side. As I previously stated we had our HVAC units shutdown on us thus creating an undesirable amosphere in the bowling center that day. I guess my complaint is, if that one issue we had is going to stop us from having a NEBA event this year then why was my time wasted with a bid sheet. Those bid sheets are thought out with the understanding that we have a good chance of obtaining an event. To hear that we are going to be left out through bowlers and not the board itself is not the standards I thought would go along with such a prestigous tournament like NEBA.I have attempted to get the scoop from Chris Monroy who i know as a friend (he was not able to shed any light other than to say it did not look good) as well as placing a call and email to Becky to find out our status. I hope the rumors are not true but if they are then I would hope that in the future you can relook how centers are notified whether they get an event or not. Thanks for taking the time to read my post... Although i have not bowled alot in these tournaments I have been a member of NEBA in the Past.

P.S. The other rumor of the AMF centers going back and resubmitting a bid sheet due to no practice. That probably needs to be looked at on a center by center basis. Hearing that NEBA was trying to eliminate alot of the AMF Centers on the schedule is quite interesting and humorous. Seeing how many events have been held in them in the past, I would have to think AMF Centers have been more than fair when it has come to linage and other concessions they have giving to NEBA....Just my opinion of course!!

Eric Mahoney
AMF Auburn Lanes
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Re: TBD tournaments?

Postby Becky » Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:09 pm

Like I said earlier, I haven't been on the message boards lately so I missed this whole thread. It is late to reply and in hindsight, it would have been better to communicate what we were doing and the schedule this year. There were some things that delayed the schedule being confirmed, which affected the time frame and it getting posted on-line. I apologize for this confusion and ensure it will not happen in the future.

I would like to explain the process of determining the schedule.

-- Bid sheets and flyers are mailed to all centers in New England with 24 or more lanes or more
-- The bid sheets are evaluated by the schedule committee and board
-- If there are new centers to add, current centers on the schedule must come off. The board suggests which centers to add and which to remove.
-- A tentative schedule is put together
-- The centers are contacted to see they can host the tournament they were given. If there are scheduling conflicts, an attempt to move the center to another date is made or the next center is contacted.
-- The entire detailed schedule is not released until all spots are filled.

In 2009 we had an increase in interest by centers who were not on the schedule in 2008 (I believe it was 7 centers who bid $2 to have a NEBA). In order to put these centers on, we had to remove centers. We do not contact a center to tell them they are not on the schedule until the entire schedule is finalized. The rationale behind that is we do not know which centers are on or off until the schedule if finalized. At times putting together the schedule is like doing a puzzle. Centers who submitted bid sheets were recently sent letters stating we were unable to fit them in but thank you for bidding. The last TBD centers were filled in.

I realize there was poor communication earlier this year and the detailed schedule was released later than usual - again I apologize. I can tell you we learned by this experience. Some people like to talk so I am not sure anything will stop rumors. Even when we have what seems to be like perfect communication, people say what they want so untruths with no basis often hit the bowling gossip scene as fact.

In response to Eric - He did email me within 48 hours of his post but I had not seen his email. He also called me but it was on my old cell phone so I hadn't heard the message. By the time I heard about his post through a friend, he had already spoken to NEBA President Chris Monroy. At that point, I didn't call him back since we try to avoid multiple people speaking on behalf of NEBA especially on the same topic. I am not going into the rumors except the one about AMF centers. I don't know who started that but I called one of the regional reps to let him know there was no truth to that statement.

Hopefully Auburn chooses to put in a bid sheet in the future as do all the centers we were unable to fit on the schedule this year. Hopefully the centers we are going back to, after their year or more off, enjoy having us (most were very excited to be back on the schedule). I know as a staff member of NEBA, I appreciate working with the managers and staff at the centers. Telling someone they are not on the schedule, is something I do not enjoy doing. Everyone also has to remember that none of this is personal.
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