Lane Conditions @ Westgate?

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Re: Lane Conditions @ Westgate?

Postby michbowl » Mon May 25, 2009 8:21 am

I think the only problem with the Brockton Tournament is that some people new what pattern was being used and others didn't. With the internet today and most people having the resources to get informed on what the patterns look like I think in this case it was a huge advantage to those who knew what we were bowling on.

As far as Bill Holota's view that all the Juniors are bowling on sport shots, GREAT! Why doesn't NEBA ask these bowling centers that we are going to compete at lay down a PBA Lane Pattern and post what we are going to bowl on our website. Then our members will have a defined choice on what they want to bowl on. All of the centers now are promoting PBA Experience Leagues. All of the capabilities to put these shots down.

Years ago our club help make some of the best PBA Bowlers in the country. Bill Spigner, Paul Moser, Wayne Webb, Pete Coture Patrick Allen and Jimmy Pritts. Our Club has always been the proving ground on moving forward to the next level.

What better way than to use these Patterns to help promote some of our bowlers who choose to try to take it to the next level? Plus it would take all of the controversy out of the lane pattern discussion....Pick and choose which patterns to bowl on and where.. I'm sure a simple question with the Management of these centers would resolve whether we could do this or not???

Just my two cents worth....Or we can leave it alone....

Russ M. :lol:
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