we are lucky to even be able to debate

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we are lucky to even be able to debate

Postby cviale » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:36 am

no spell check on this computer so i do apologize in advance, I have been following a couple threads on here and thank you to everyone who has taken the time out of their day to throw me a shout out especially the 100 or so replys on facebook. becky and everyone else involved with neba over the past 13 years i have been a new englander have done an incredible job with this club. Becky understates in her remarks how lucky we actually are to have 200 plus entries almost all the time every month. there is no other scratch club any where like it. absolutely none. yes you have pba regionals but if you were to play in all of them in your region your traveling many many hours for most tournaments. neba, all tournaments are within 2 hours for almost all of us to travel to. Lane conditions will always be a debate and i know personally as many of you might that neba tries to do all they can to get the fairest conditions out there for us and that is all we can expect from them. I am not one to fuss about much so i dont get some of the debates as the old saying goes "it is what it is" I like to strike when there easy, thats fun, and when there hard it does take much more mentally to do well so i like that as well. either way they are almost always fair for all styles. this year has been the best that i can remember, straight,lefties and guys who get on it are all doing well. I guess the reason for my thread is to say boy are we lucky and "great job"and "thank you" to everyone involved to keep this club running so well year after year.
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Re: we are lucky to even be able to debate

Postby ScottW » Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:21 pm

No spell check? WTF!

Well said, especially the "great job" and "thank you" to those involved in making NEBA what it is (past and present), yourself included.
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