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Cambridge Credit Counseling Invitational - Field for Jan 16

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:12 pm
by Becky
Cambridge Credit Counseling Invitational
Sunday, January 16
AMF Saybrook Bowl - Old Saybrook, CT
Qualifying 5 games starting at 10AM

Updated 1/14/11

Updated 1/12/11
The field is now finalized.

The Cambridge Credit Counseling Invitational is a special format tournament limited to 48 bowlers based upon points from 2010. It will be held on Sunday, January 16 at AMF Old Saybrook Bowl in Old Saybrook, CT. Qualifying starts at 10AM with 5 games. Below is a list of qualifiers and alternates. If one of the top 48 are unable to bowl, the next alternate will be contacted. The list is below along with verbal/email commitments. Spots are not guaranteed until a deposit or full entry has been paid by the deadline of Sunday, January 9. We will update the list as the field is confirmed. If a bowler in the top 48 field has not paid by the deadline, an alternate will be contacted ASAP.

FIELD OF 48 BOWLERS (as of 1/12/11)
(Confirmed ... 48 bowlers WITH 45 Paid)

(Paid ... 43)
Alex Aguiar
Bill Green
Bill Holota
Brandon Robertson
Chris Carlson
Chris Forry
Chris Hall
Chris Sole
Chris Viale
Danny Khuu
Dave Forcier
Don Lango Jr.
Eric Copping
Frankie Calca
Geoff Wetzler
Jon Matunas
Jon Van Hees
Joshua Corum
Matt Janas
Matthew Brockett
Matthew Pritchard
Mike Cordeiro
Miles Coplan
Norm Major
R.J. Broege
Randy Hagemoser
Rich DelConte
Rich Macierowski
Russ Michaud
Ryan Evans
Scott Widmer
Sean Richard
Stephen Dale Jr.
Steve Fiume
Tim Gillick
Tim Healey
Todd Lathrop
Tom Durand
Tony Reynaud
Vic Marotto
Dan White - Alt 1
Dave Kipperman - Alt 2
Billy Trudell - Alt 4

(Confirmed ... 5)
Cliff Wheelock - Alt 3
Keith DeMaine - Alt 5
Justin Urbano - Alt 6
Ryan Devlin - Alt 10
Anthony Pepe - Alt 12

Michael Fortier - Alt 13 (interested in bowling)
Roger Baral - Alt 14 (interested in bowling)
Frank Pawlus III - Alt 15
Ron Canalia - Alt 17
John Williston - Alt 18
Steve Hardy - Alt 19
George Tignor - Alt 20 (interested in bowling)
Frank Locascio - Alt 22
Ollie Ellard - Alt 23 (interested in bowling)
Rob Grexer - Alt 24 (interested in bowling)
Bob Glenn - Alt 25

Chris Wujek (was in top 48)
Mike Lichstein (was top 48)
Tony Bennett (was top 48)
Steve Blanchet (was top 48)
Scott Santos (was top 48)
Sam Iacono (was top 48)
Gary Kurensky Jr. (was top 48)
Jeff Monahan (was top 48)
Jaison Haynes - Alt 7 (Not bowling)
Jimmie Pritts Jr. - Alt 8 (not bowling)
Chris Monroy - Alt 9 (Not Bowling)
Jim Rusin - Alt 11 (not bowling)
Vin Marulli - Alt 16 (not bowling)

Nick Dean - Alt 21 (Not Bowling)

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