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Members of the Red Sox faithful...It's time!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 10:29 am
by chris beauchesne
Jumped out of bed realizing that I didn't \"spring\" my clocks ahead, nice job! Also realized it's practically Christmas morning in my house, Openning Day is upon us, ready to bear witness in front of Sunday Night Baseball, that the World Champion Boston Red Sox will give us another roller coaster ride through the All-Star break all the way up to the potential \"showdown\" that made me laugh, cry, yell and sing, and that was only through game four (we all know how it finished)lol. The 2005 season promises plenty of questionmarks, all of which should be answered by about 10:30pm est, who knows... Hopefully all passionate baseball fans will be able to look past all of the junk that is going on and keep our eyes where they belong, on the ball! Best wishes to all baseball fans, may you find SOMETHING TO CHEER FOR, even if it is further south on I95! Yours in baseball, chris beauchesne

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