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Sport League @ Nutmeg Bowl Fall 2012 (Sponsored by DV8)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:30 am
by KippermanD
Nutmeg Bowl will be running a sport league this fall, sponsored by Buddies Pro Shop and DV8. The meeting date is Monday Sept 10 at 7pm and the start time will be 7:45pm. This will be a singles/scratch league broken into 2 17 week halves. The league will bowl on 10 different sport patterns. We will be starting on the USBC Collegiate Hoosier Classic Pattern B (38'), and finishing on the 2013 USBC Open Championship Pattern (TBD). The league will vote on the other 8 Patterns. Each game, bowlers will be bowling against the entire league, earning one point for each person they beat, changing pairs after each game. There will be a year end roll off for all bowlers who either bowled in the league or subbed with byes for bowlers winning halves. The cost will be $25 per week with a $25 entry fee. There is also a year round 40-Clean pot, which last year was worth over $450. Any questions email me: or reply to this thread (any questions e-mailed to me I will post the question up here in case others have similar questions).

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