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PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:45 pm
by arod
I am writing to inform the NEBA members and anyonye else who may be interested in an incredible weekend . Once again this year Strikers East in Raymond New Hampshire will be hosting the High Hopes weekend from Oct 19-21 . This event has raised substantial revenue for terminallly ill children . I have taken part in this event for 8 consecutive years and can tell you Steve and Lisa put on a great weekend .

Due to recent change in NEBA policy sad to say we had to take down Steve's post . I am posting this not for Steve or Lisa I am posting this on behalf of the children that get to put a smile on their face . I am doing this because i am a parent and could not imagine what it is like having to see you child suffer . I have seen the smiles of these children and can tell you it touches me every year .

NEBA as an organization has always and will always continue to support this great cause . The NEBA board made a decision and unfortunately it affected this organization . I publicly would like to let everyone affected by this that NEBA in no was intentionally trying to single out anyone or any one event .

In closing, for the eight years i have been there i have never seen any group of people work as hard as the ENTIRE crew at Strikers East . The job they do is amazing and the High Hopes people are AMAZING people . If there is anyone out there that is free on that weekend, you all should head up to Raymond for a great cause lots of laughs and some down right awesome steak tips . By the way you can bowl on Sunday for a nice hefty prize fund . I hope Strikers and the High Hopes have anothe successful weekend.

Alex Aguiar


PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:24 pm
by istrike4u
Not Sure who may or may not see this but we currently have 78 pre signed up for the Miller High Life Scratch Challenge on Sunday the 21st. TODAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR THE $50 SAVINGS, so PLEASE get your entries postmarked today.

Steve Hardy

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