Minutes from the 2010 Annual Meeting

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Minutes from the 2010 Annual Meeting

Postby Becky » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:14 pm

Minutes from the Meeting at the Annual Meeting

Board Members in attendance: Tournament Director Joey Nereu, Secretary/Treasurer Becky Kregling, President Chris Monroy, 1st Vice-President Alex Aguiar, 2nd Vice-President Tim Healey, Mike Bissmann, Matt Brockett, Rob Grexer, Larry King, Dave Kipperman, Russ Michaud, Ed Roberts, Jack Stehle, Jon Van Hees and Chris Viale. Past President: Rick Cashell. Members: Ed Gagnon & Brian Gaskil

1. Reports of Officers - Treasurer report accepted.
2. Election Results - Chris Viale won the election for 2nd Vice-President. He starts his 2 year term on January 1, 2011.
3. 2011 Board Members at Large – Six members (Ed Roberts, Larry King, Dave Kipperman, Rob Grexer, Carlton Pickron and Ed Gagnon) adhered to the deadline in the NEBA Bylaws by submitting their interest in writing one week before the Annual Meeting (December 4, 2010). Many said they didn’t understand the rule or the deadline applied to everyone. Motion by Ed Roberts to “keep the rule as is but make an exception for current board members who are in the meeting to be able to hand in their interest in being on the board for 2011.” Second Mike Bissmann. Passed.
4. Sponsors 2011 – BuddiesProShop.com is going to be a NEBA Sponsor in 2011. We need to contact Harry’s Pub & Grill about continuing their sponsorship in 2011. Ebonite’s year is May 1-April 30 so we will start working on a contract in early 2011.
5. Schedule 2011 – All but two centers are confirmed. The dates and centers are on BowlNEBA.com. Filling the February date has become a challenge. TD Joey will do whatever is needed to finalize the schedule within a week.
6. Legality of vote for attendance policy at the last meeting – The vote needs to be rescinded since it is in the rule is part of the Bylaws. Bylaws may not be changed or altered unless the change is submitted in writing and on the agenda for the November meeting.
7. Discussion of the $100 entry fee increase – No motion was made to reconsider the vote to increase the entry fee to $100 and restore it to $80.
8. Rule Change(s)
a. Motion by Ed Roberts to add the following rule: “All rule changes for consideration by the board shall be brought to the attention of the board by means of a proposal in writing and placing said proposal on the agenda prior to the meeting for which the matter is to be considered. The board shall only consider the proposal as written by the person proffering the proposal. Any variation of the proposal shall be brought as an additional proposal. Any so-called “new business” relating to rule changes shall no longer be considered by the board at any meeting. In the event that a rule change or other such proposal should arise that required immediate attention of the board, the member(s) of the board desiring to address said issue shall notify the by email of the rule change and request the board convene at the next tournament. The Board shall then vote to determine whether or not a meeting should take place to discuss the issue. A majority vote of the Board shall be sufficient to call a meeting. Should the board vote to convene a special meeting, the meeting shall then be published in the NEBA newsletter and posted on the NEBA website along with the rule change to be considered so as to put the entire membership on notice of the meeting and the rule change” Second by Ed Gagnon. Passed unanimously.
9. Bylaw Change(s)
a. Motion by Mike Bissman to “Change the minimum number of lanes to host a singles or doubles to tournament from 40 to 32.” Second by Rob Grexer. Passed unanimously.
10. Tournament Rule Changes(s)
a. Motion by Ed Roberts to change the senior cut to the Senior/Women’s cut so the rule reads “One in six combined woman and senior (age 50 and over) participants across all squads will qualify for the match play finals with a minimum of one (1) in singles tournaments. One $50 cash spot will be paid to the woman or senior participant with the highest qualifying score that did not qualify for the match play finals.” Second by Jon Van Hees. Passed Unanimously.
11. Motion by Alex Aguiar to “change the entry fee to $90.” Second by Dave Kipperman. Vote 11-2. Passed 11-2 with one abstention.
12. Motion by Dave Kipperman to “re-oil the practice pairs for byes prior to match play.” Second Viale. Passed.
13. 600th Tournament – USBC provided us with a way to have a reduced reentry fee at a USBC certified tournament so the entry fee will be $150 for first time entries and $100 for reentries.
14. Motion by Ed Roberts to “increase the pay for web manager Scott Widmer from two paid entries per year” –to- “three paid entries per year.” Second by Mike Bissmann. Passed.
15. Motion by Mike Bissmann to “increase the Secretary/Treasurer salary from $350 a tournament plus $1.50 per entry” –to- “$350 per tournament plus $2.50 per entry.” Second Ed Gagnon. Passed Not Unanimously.
16. Board of Directions Compensation - Motion by Alex Aguiar to “eliminate Board of Directors Compensation.” Second by Russ Michaud. Did not Pass. Motion by Jon Van Hees to “Decrease the Board of Directors Compensation from two paid entries for perfect attendance & one paid entry for 75% attendance” -to- “$90 for perfect attendance and $25 for 75% attendance with a maximum budget of $1500.” Second by Becky Kregling. Passed.
17. Motion by Ed Roberts to “change the compensation for a bowler who is eliminated from match play by a roll-off from a free/paid entry … or a sponsor’s prize” –to-“ a paid entry into a regular tournament… or a sponsor’s prize.” Second by Dave Kipperman. Passed.
18. Meeting adjourned at 11:37AM.
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