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Nutmeg - Lane Condition

PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:35 pm
by Becky
I don't usually put up this kind of post but since I have had many, many people ask about the shot at Nutmeg and just received another email, I am sharing the information I was given.

When asked what the shot was going to be, my reply was \"Nutmeg has put a low scoring / sport shot condition out for years so it is likely they will again.\"

This week I was told that their plan was to not have scores as low as in the past and they are putting down a \"modified house shot\".

This is what I was told but often conditions play different than a center intends and they can always make modifications up to the time the button is pushed on the machine Saturday night. This is part of the reason we do not advertise the lane condition in newsletters.

Hope to see you all at Nutmeg!
Becky Kregling
NEBA Secretary/Treasurer

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