Thank You to Cambridge Credit Counseling + Survey

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Thank You to Cambridge Credit Counseling + Survey

Postby Becky » Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:26 pm

Dear NEBA member,
......As we announced in March in East Haven, CT, Cambridge Credit, which has contributed to the NEBA organization over $190,000 during its period of sponsorship, has unfortunately not been able to continue with its support of NEBA. Because of their generous support, NEBA has grown and flourished in every way both in terms of membership and prize fund. We are all indebted to Cambridge Credit for their steadfast support and loyalty to the NEBA organization for helping NEBA realize its full potential.
...... However, NEBA seeks to maintain the growth of its membership and prize fund that was initiated by Cambridge Credit. In order to accomplish this, the NEBA board is seeking to increase entry fees by $5.00 per entry. The $5.00 would go towards prize funds not operating expenses. As board members, we are seeking your input, as a NEBA bowler, relative to this proposed entry fee increase.
...... The rationale behind increasing the entry fee is to preserve the current structure of the prize fund. When Cambridge Credit joined as a sponsor, they requested that last place pay at least two times the entry fee. Since 2000, those who made the cut won a minimum of $150 for losing the first round. Prior to their sponsorship, the last cash spot was usually between the entry fee, then $70, and $110. By doing this, it made NEBA different than just about every other tournament. In the history of NEBA, prize money has been more evenly distributed instead top heavy as USBC rules allow (1st place no more than double 2nd, last cash spot no less than prize fund which would be $57 for us, etc.) In discussion at last month?s board meeting, those in attendance felt this might be part of the reason that NEBA has enjoyed success especially in the recent years when bowling membership and participation has decreased. Now we are looking for your opinion.
...... Surveys with twelve simple questions plus room for comments and comments were mailed to all members this week along with the newsletter plus an email is going out this evening with the surveys and the forms will be available on-site at Laurel this weekend. If you need a survey, please email for the form. Thank you in advance.
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