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Point Leader Invitational - UPDATED DAILY

Postby Becky » Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:38 pm

The list of bowlers eligible to bowl in the Point Leader Invitational next Sunday, January 7, 2007 is below.

Everyone MUST be PREPAID to bowl. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Minimum is a $50 deposit. Those paid in full are entered into a raffle for an Ebonite ball.

If anyone is for a place to stay, there are many hotels in the area near the Manchester Airport in all price ranges.


Confirmed (48)
Field is finalized. If anyone on the list cannot bowl, please call me at 203-377-0161 ASAP so I can try to fill your spot.

An email with the pattern from Kegel was sent this afternoon to those whose email addresses I have.

Alex Aguiar ($150)
Tom Andrelli ($150)
Dennis Bedard ($150)
Steve Blanchet ($150)
Brian Boghosian ($150)
Joe Campbell ($50)
Mike Colby ($150)
Jim Comette ($50)
Mike Coonan (pay on-site)
Eric Copping ($50)
Mike Cordeiro (in mail)
Jesse Cote ($150)
Nick Dean (pay on-site)
Tom Durand (in mail)
Ollie Ellard ($150)
Steve Fiume ($150)
Dave Forcier ($150)
Chris Gauvin ($150)
Bill Green ($150)
Steve Hardy ($150)
Tim Healey ($150)
Bill Holota ($150)
John Kirker ($150)
Todd Lathrop ($150)
Mike Lichstein ($150)
Rich Macierowski ($150)
Russ Michaud (in mail)
Dave Miranda ($150)
Chris Monroy ($150)
Frank Pawlus III ($150)
Derek Pontes (in mail)
Chris Rebstock ($150)
Jim Rusin ($150)
John Rusin ($150)
Scott Santos ($50)
Chris Sole ($150)
Clayton Swartz (pay on-site)
Rich Valenti ($150)
Jon Van Hees ($150)
Chris Viale ($150)
Jeffrey Voght (in mail)
Barry Warshafsky ($150)
Bill Webb ($150)
Geoff Wetzler ($150)
Dan White ($150)
Scott Widmer ($150)
Hank Williamson ($150)
Chris Wood ($150)

Alternate List
Alt 11 ? Tim Gillick (yes)
Alt 12 ? Chris Forry
Alt 13 - Tim Hansen
Alt 14 - Mike Malone (yes)
Alt 15 - Ray Cyr
Alt 16 - Stephen Dale Jr. (yes)

Qualified but Not Bowling
Tom Hansen (not bowling)
Vic Marotto (not bowling)
Joel Leider (not bowling)
Alt 3 ? Ed Roberts (no)
Alt 4 ? Jason Johnson (no)
Alt 5 ? Keith DeMaine (no)
Alt 6 ? John Younger (no)
Alt 7 ? Frankie Calca (no)
Alt 8 ? Chris Jolicoeur(yes)

Best Wishes for the New Year!!!
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Postby goof1073 » Tue Jan 02, 2007 11:52 am


Sent you another e-mail reply on this, please get back to me...


-Chris Gauvin
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Postby NickD » Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:19 am


I sent you an email. Let me know if you didnt get it.

Nick Dean
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Postby Becky » Fri Jan 05, 2007 11:29 pm

I will be at center at 10:00. Please check-in when you arrive at the center and pay, if necessary.

Cash only excepted on-site.

Brackets, pots and an eliminator will be run.

If an emergency arises so you cannot bowl, call 203-377-0161 up until midnight.

Like last year, we are putting three on a pair for qualifying which means we will be using the whole center. In an effort to allow everyone to practice prior to the start of the tournament, we will have an open practice session on all 32 lanes from 10:40-11:00 (price not confirmed but will be minimal if any). At 11:00, announcements will be made then you will have ten minutes of practice on your starting pair. You must be checked in prior to the start of the open practice session.

Two lane courtesy will be used. Bowlers on the right lane will move right. Bowlers on the left will move left.
-- Two pairs will be skipped in qualifying (lanes 1-32)
-- One pair will be skipped in the semi-finals (lanes 15-30)
-- Round robin in finals (lanes 5-10)

Qualifying scores will be posted after each game starting game 2.

Lanes will be assigned in advance and posted. Requests to bowl with someone else will not be accepted in this special event.

An email will be sent to all competitors Saturday with more information and the pattern from Kegel.
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