Point Leader Invitational - Field Finalized

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Point Leader Invitational - Field Finalized

Postby Becky » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:14 pm

Field is finalized. If anyone on the list cannot bowl, please call me at 203-377-0161 ASAP so I can try to fill your spot.

An email with the pattern from Kegel was sent this afternoon to those whose email addresses I have.

Alex Aguiar ($150)
Tom Andrelli ($150)
Dennis Bedard ($150)
Steve Blanchet ($150)
Brian Boghosian ($150)
Joe Campbell ($50)
Mike Colby ($150)
Jim Comette ($50)
Mike Coonan (pay on-site)
Eric Copping ($50)
Mike Cordeiro (in mail)
Jesse Cote ($150)
Nick Dean (pay on-site)
Tom Durand (in mail)
Ollie Ellard ($150)
Steve Fiume ($150)
Dave Forcier ($150)
Chris Gauvin ($150)
Bill Green ($150)
Steve Hardy ($150)
Tim Healey ($150)
Bill Holota ($150)
John Kirker ($150)
Todd Lathrop ($150)
Mike Lichstein ($150)
Rich Macierowski ($150)
Russ Michaud (in mail)
Dave Miranda ($150)
Chris Monroy ($150)
Frank Pawlus III ($150)
Derek Pontes (in mail)
Chris Rebstock ($150)
Jim Rusin ($150)
John Rusin ($150)
Scott Santos ($50)
Chris Sole ($150)
Clayton Swartz (pay on-site)
Rich Valenti ($150)
Jon Van Hees ($150)
Chris Viale ($150)
Jeffrey Voght (in mail)
Barry Warshafsky ($150)
Bill Webb ($150)
Geoff Wetzler ($150)
Dan White ($150)
Scott Widmer ($150)
Hank Williamson ($150)
Chris Wood ($150)
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