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NEBA Ambassadors

NEBA Ambassadors

For the 2014 season and into the future, NEBA has created an amabassador program. The goal of the program is to increase visibility of NEBA within centers and leagues in the region.

Ambassadors are a contact point for interested bowlers within a particular center. They are tasked with answering questions, running win-a-spots during leagues and ensuring promotional materials are visible to center bowlers.

Current NEBA Ambassadors & Center Assignments:

The list below is sorted by center/region. If your center or region is not listed contact us to get answers to your questions.

Albany, NY Region
Albany, NY
Steve Wagoner

AMF Auburn Lanes
Auburn, MA
Tony Bennett

AMF Chicopee Lanes
Chciopee, MA
Phil Karwoski, Jr.

AMF Cranston Lanes
Cranston, RI
Fran Varin

Apple Valley Bowl
Plantsville, CT
Rich Reynolds

Newington, CT
Keith Demaine

Bradley Bowl
Windsor Locks, CT
Norm Major

Brunswick Zone Lowell
Lowell, MA
Ed Brabant, Jr.

Gardner Ten Pin
Gardner, MA
Larry King

Gardner Ten Pin
Gardner, MA
Jim Lovewell III

Hall of Fame Siver Lanes
East Hartford, CT
Kyle Rasmussen

Hudson Valley Region NY
Hudson Valley, NY
Jonathan Burke

Lang's Bowlarama
Cranston, RI
Charles Burr

Northampton Bowl
Northampton, MA
Mike Colby

Norwich Ten Pin Bowl
Norwich, CT
John Kirker

Shaker Bowl
East Longmeadow, MA
Justin Godfrey

Strikers East Bowl
Raymond, NH
John Bercier

Vermont Area
Rutland, VT
Jon Wilbur

Walnut Hill Bowl
Woonsocket, RI
Timothy Martin

Westgate Lanes
Brockton, MA
Richard Fulton


Upcoming Tournaments

Jun 8, 2019 (Over/Under 50 Doubles)
Strike F/X Over/Under Doubles June Make a Reservation
Jun 9, 2019 (Singles)
GMS Decorative Concrete Doubles Make a Reservation
June 29 - 30, 2019 (Singles)
Bud Callahan Memorial (3rd Women's Cup Series Event) Make a Reservation
July 20 - 21, 2019 (Singles)
Carol Ann Viale Memorial Singles sponsored by Savage Arms ($500 added) (4th Women's Cup Series Event) Make a Reservation
Aug 3, 2019 (Doubles)
Yankee Lanes Doubles ($1,000 added) Make a Reservation
Aug 4, 2019 (Singles)
Yankee Lanes Singles ($1,000 added) Make a Reservation
Aug 24, 2019 (Senior)
Bloomfield Electric / Chester Electric Senior Singles ($1,000 added) Make a Reservation
Aug 24, 2019 (Womens)
Bowling Seriously Women's Singles ($1,000 added) (Final Women's Cup Series Event) Make a Reservation

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