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NEBA is America's longest running USBC sanctioned monthly scratch tournament. NEBA was formed in 1963 and celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2013. In 2023, NEBA celebrated its 1000th event. NEBA tournaments are professionally managed and provide the best scratch competition in New England. NEBA is sponsored by:


For NEBA reservations, call (413) 513-9508 or fill out the form on the respective tournament page by Friday at 10:00 PM (prior to the tournament).

Click here to download NEBA's Bylaws and Tournament Rules.

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Format: Qualifying - 5 games across 10 lanes. Finals - Head-to-head one game single elimination match play.

1 in 4.5 to 1 in 5 entries qualify for match play (1 in 6 entries from each squad guaranteed into match play).

1 in 6 Seniors (age 50+) are guaranteed to qualify for the match play finals. Additionally, 1 in 6  Women and Super Seniors (age 60+) are also guaranteed to qualify for the match play finals, based on at least 6 entries.

Entries Qualifiers Byes
20 or less 4 None
21-30 6 1st round qualifiers 1-2
31-40 8 None
41-60 12 1st round qualifiers 1-4
61-80 16 None
81-120 24 1st round qualifiers 1-8
121-160 32 None
161-200 40 1st round qualifiers 1-24
201-240 48 1st round qualifiers 1-16
241-280 56 1st round qualifiers 1-8
281 or more 64 None

Squad Times: Saturday @ 6:00 PM and Sunday @ 9:00 AM and 12:30 PM. Special tournaments may have different squad times (non-champs, tournament of champs).

Lane Patterns: NEBA announces patterns at least 7 days in advance.

Eligibility: Any PBA or PWBA member that has not won a PBA, PWBA or PBA50 national tournament in the past five (5) years (US Open and USBC Masters are exempt) or is not in the top 40 on the national PBA points list for the prior season. Any NEBA member in good standing who wins a national title and maintains their NEBA membership can continue to compete in NEBA.

Entry fee: Monthly tournaments -  Regular Events - $110, Special events (Masters and Points Leaders) - $150, T of C - $125

Membership: New Member=$25, Renewal=$25, Non-Member=$15, Guest = $0 (one time only)

Attire: Pants or shorts with zippers of a "business casual" quality are encouraged. The following attire is not allowed: sweat pants, athletic type shorts, yoga pants, tattered or frayed clothing, clothing with holes, hats, headbands, headphones or earbuds.. A shirt with a polo type collar or shirt with a mock neck collar is required. Mock neck collar shirts must meet the following requirements: All advertising on the shirt must be permanently embroidered (no patches, screen printing or t-shirts). The participants' full name on the back in letters between 2 to 4 inches high in a color that contrasts with the shirt's color. Removal nametags and abbreviated names are subject to approval of the Tournament Director. New members can compete three times without a name on the back of their shirt without being fined. Only previous NEBA champions shall be allowed to wear a white shirt.

Money: Cash is required at all NEBA tournaments.

Bowler of the Year Points System:

5 points for bowling
10 points = cash but do not qualify for match play (294 entries+)
15 points = match play out first round
22 points = match play out second round
30 points = match play out third round
39 points = match play out fourth round
49 points = match play out fifth round
60 points = match play out sixth round or champion if less than 40 finalists
72 points = match play champion if 40 or more finalists
5 points awarded to high qualifier in addition to position points

*Note: The point system is different for the Tournament of Champions and Doubles tournaments, see rule book for details.

You do not get extra points for reentering. If you bowl three times and do not make the cut, you get 5 points. If you bowl three times and make the cut, you get the position points.

The point system for match play can be described as follows:
15 points base with then +7 first round, +8 second round, +9 third round,
+10 fourth round ... up to +12

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