Wed, October 27, 2021



  • Check-in: 30 minutes prior to squad time. Reservations that are not acknowledged by this time are no longer guaranteed. Failure to keep your reservation can result in a fine of $10. Should you need to cancel, call or email Becky at 203-377-0161 or Danny at 203-627-4800 or
  • Membership: Renewable by calendar year at a fee of $25. Members who join after November 1 will remainmembers in good standing for the entire following year. Non-members can bowl for a $15 per-tournament fee.
  • Entry Fee: $95 per tournament (first entry as well as re-entries) at regular tournaments. $100 at Tournament of Champions, $150.00 Cambridge Credit Invitational.
  • Side Pots: $20 (high game each game); $5 (squad leader); $5 brackets (games 2-3-4); $10 eliminator

Tournament Rules/Etiquette

  • Eligibility: Any USBC sanctioned adult bowler may participate. PBA exempt tour players are not allowed to bowl. USBC Youth members are allowed to bowl in singles tournaments only, and must sign waivers stating that any prize money won will be deposited into their USBC SMART account.
  • 35 mile rule: Bowlers living within 35 miles of the host center must bowl their first squad on Saturday night (6pm) or Sunday morning (9am). Bowlers within the 35 mile radius hold last priority for the 12:30pm squad.
  • Dress Code: Collared or mock neck (bowling industry) shirts and Pants, jeans, or dress shorts (no nylon or basketball type shorts). Ripped/frayed/torn clothing is not allowed. (White shirts are reserved for NEBA Champions) Bowler’s name is required on the back of their shirt within the first three tournaments. Failure to have name on your shirt can result in a fine of $10 per tournament. Repeated offenses can result in a $25 fine.
  • Lane Courtesy: Two lane courtesy at all times. (See video link)
  • Conduct: Loud, unruly, and disrespectful behavior will not be allowed. Excessive celebration is also unacceptable.

Tournament Format

  • Qualifying: 5 games across 10 lanes with lane cross determined by the total number of lanes used on each squad.
  • Squad Cut: 1 in 5 on each squad is guaranteed to make the match play finals. (ex. 40 bowlers, Top 8 are guaranteed) Each squad leader is guaranteed a Top 3 seed.
  • At-Large Cut: All other bowlers who do not qualify via Squad Cut go into the at-large pool. Total number of qualifiers is based on total entries for the tournament.
  • Senior/Women/ Super Seniors: 1 in 6 seniors (age 50 and over), Super Seniors (age 60 and over) & Women (3 Separate Cuts) bowlers are also guaranteed to make the finals. (ex. 20 seniors, 3 are guaranteed).  If seniors, women or super seniors qualify through squad or at-large cuts, they count towards the guaranteed seniors, women and super seniors.
  • Match Play: Lanes are re-oiled before match play. Roll call at approximately 4:00 Sunday afternoon. Single game elimination style matches except for: 3 person matches where the Top 2 scores advance, or doubles tournaments(Each teammate bowls full game in June tournament; Teams bowl 2 game baker matches in October tournament)Note: Top seeded bowlers may receive first round byes based on number of qualifiers.

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