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2011 Annual Award Winners sponsored by BuddieProShop.com

  • Dec 23, 2011
Winners of the 2011 Annual Awards sponsored by BuddiesProShop.com

Bowler of the Year: Greg Flamand

Senior of the Year: Dave Forcier

Rookie of the Year: Justin Bychkowski

High Average: Bill Webb

High Qualifying Block: Danny Khuu

Greg Flamand won $500 for his first Bowler of the Year award. Jon Van Hees was runner-up followed by 8-time winner Bill Webb.
Senior of the Year was Dave Forcier. Dave has 12 titles including one Tournament of Champions win. Bob Glenn finished behind Dave on the Senior points list.
Justin Bychkowski was named the Rookie of the Year. Justin bowled in all 16 tournaments in 2011 and cashed in 7. Runner-up was Chris DosSantos.
Bill Webb earned his 5th High Average award by averaging 232.7 for 114 games in 15 tournaments. Next high was 228.7 by Jon Van Hees.
Danny Khuu shot the highest qualifying block for 2011 with 1346 in October at AMF Airway Lanes.
Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes for the New Year!

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