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2022 annual Meeting Proposals - Deadline to Submit is September 15th

  • Sep 5, 2022

Proposals for changes or additions to the Bylaws or tournament rules are due by September 15.

Please email them to

These will be discussed at the October meeting and voted upon at the Annual Meeting in December.


2022 Annual Meeting Proposals



The deadline to submit proposals is September 15



List of proposals for the October and Annual Meeting from the Summer Meeting



  1. Proposed Tournament Rules Changes were discussed and will be voted upon at the annual meeting. It was suggested to do a survey sooner than December on the topics to be able to discuss what the members want at the meeting in October.
    1. Change entry fee back to $95 in 2023 (Current: $80)
    2. Use PBA style pair courtesy at all tournaments
    3. Use one lane courtesy
    4. For the guaranteed senior to make match play, remove the guarantee or add a guarantee to the other two side cuts. They should all be equal.
  1. Proposals to make the length of a day shorter: Discussed the ways suggested to speed up bowling. Some had support while others didn't. The exact number of games takes longer than in the past. We use the same format that has been used for 20+ years with 5 games of qualifying yet in the last 5-10 years, squads are taking longer to bowl the 5 games. Everyone wants NEBA to go faster so it will take everyone's help to make that happen. The ideas on the agenda were major including format changes so none would be changed until next season.
    1. One lane courtesy
    2. Maximum of 4 per pair and Move match play down one round and pay cash spots instead (or have a cashier's round of some number of games and cut to a match play field of 16 or similar) would speed up but impact entries and payout so some support.
    3. Start match play matches while the lanes are being oiled.
    4. Make announcements to the bowlers being clear that bowling is slow and do all they can to be ready to bowl when they are up and start the next game when the next pair opens up.
  1. Other proposals:
    1. Patterns -There were ten ideas from members on what to do about patterns. This season, we put some pattern parameters on each tournament and added them to the schedule. The center needed to pick a pattern within those parameters. Many bowlers commented on the selection of patterns. What was most supported was to have Kegel create a large bank of patterns with multiple within each set of parameters for centers to use and then only use those patterns. For recreation patterns, the center could use their house shot Also discussed doing some videos relating to patterns.
    2. Modify salaries for the Tournament Director and Manager based on the current requirements of the position.
    3. Have fewer tournaments in 2023.