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Agenda for Board of Directors' Meeting to be held virtually at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27, 2023

  • Jun 27, 2023

Agenda for Board of Directors’ Meeting

to be held virtually at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27, 2023

~ Only board members can vote, but all members are encouraged to attend ~

Attendance will be taken at 6:35 p.m. Members must be part of the meeting by 6:35 PM to have voting privileges.

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  1. Welcome to all board members and members-at-large.
  2. Ratify the minutes from the March 2023 Board Meeting
  3. 2023 Next meeting dates will be Tuesday, September 26th via Zoom, Annual Meeting, and Sunday, December 17th at 9:30 Am in Norwich, CT event.
  4. Reports of Tournament Director, Officers, and Executive Committee
  5. Discussions relating to Doubles Tournaments.

* Clarification/adjustment to the tournament rule for when doubles tournaments use Team vs. Baker final formats.

* Proposal to go to 5 years for all past champions when choosing a partner, not just for Over / Under Doubles.

  1. 1000th Tournament – Lane pattern, (4) squads total with (2) Fresh & (2) Burn, Squad prizes, Extra being done for the event, Promotional shammies purchased and sponsored by Tech Vision and Many Styless of Bowling. Provide feedback to do a mailing for the 1,000th event (Amy Viale has a mockup of the postcard).
  2. A reminder of Board responsibilities: If you see an email you are asked to vote on, please respond asap.  Also, please show respect to those on committees for their hard work. 
  3. Review Impact of 2023 Rule Changes; One-Lane Courtesy—tracking of Squad Start and end times.

For each squad, we capture these facts:              

                   * Amount of practice time.                    * Time of 1st ball in competition

                   * Time of 1st pair finished.                     * Time of the last ball thrown in the squad

                   * Squad cut/scoring pace.                    * Special notation if there was a significant lane breakdown.

  1. Committee Reports
    1. Committees Special Tournaments – Invitational, Keene, Masters
    2. Sponsors
    3. Promotion – Encourage centers to display banners, announce events, and promote to center bowlers.
    4. Patterns – 3 items to discuss; (1) Share feedback they have gathered so far for 2023 from the events that Greg & Tom have provided patterns, (2) Lane pattern for the 1,000th event / Discussion, (3) Potential Compensation for Greg & Tom.
    5. Schedule Committee
    6. Survey
    7. NEBA Network – Hoped to roll out for 1,000th event, may push to Jan 2024
    8. Evaluations
    9. Bylaw Review
    10. Tech Committee
    11. Social Media Committee – discussion about all Social Media Platforms; NEBA has not had a Tweet since August 2022. I would also like to explore how to promote our YouTube Channel with all our Championship videos.
  2. New business




NEBA 2023 Board Members



Bruce Hall


Amy Viale

1st Vice President

Stephen Major


Brian Boghosian

2nd Vice President

Jon Van Hees


Tim Gagne

Tournament Director

Justin Alves


Andrew Hall


Daniel Kaye



Jay Johnson

Ed Roberts

Past Presidents in Good Standing


AJ Villa