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Baral and Jones Win at East Providence

  • Oct 2, 2011
Roger Baral and Steve Jones left the golf clubs at home on Sunday. It proved to be a good decision as they defeated Tony Reynaud and Glenn Hood 470-449 to win Roger's 4th and Steve's 1st NEBA Title at East Providence Lanes in East Providence, RI. The victory at NEBA's 34th Doubles Tournament earned Roger and Steve $2350 and paid entries into November's Ebonite Tournament of Champions. Tony and Glenn won $1400 for their runner-up finish.

Championship Match:
Roger Baral/Steve Jones def Tony Reynaud/Glenn Hood 470-449

Roger Baral/Steve Jones def Mike Rose, Jr./Jonathan Van Hees 448-389
Tony Reynaud/Glenn Hood def Vinnie Furtado/Brian Gaskill 441-413

Mike Rose, Jr./Jonathan Van Hees def Chuck Burr/Joey Transue 462-398
Roger Baral/Steve Jones def Chris Forry/Tom Solimine 515-491
Tony Reynaud/Glenn Hood def Tommy Machado/John Camara 492-403
Vinnie Furtado/Brian Gaskill def Tim Healey/Matt Janas 426-411