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Bychkowski & Aguiar win High-Roller Spots!

  • Dec 20, 2011

Winners of the of the High Roller Win-a-Spots

Justin Bychkowski (Raffle)
Alex Aguiar (Points)

Each receives an entry, four hotel nights and $350 towards their plane ticket

Thanks to folks at High Roller for supporting NEBA.

Find out more about their events at

High Roller provided the entry and the hotel accomodations. NEBA is providing help with transportation with $350 towards a plane ticket to Vegas.

41 bowlers entered our High Roller win-a-spot.
The transportation costs will be covered by the $410 in entries and $290 from our general fund.

If either winner declines their spot, it will be given to the next person. Tim Healey is the alternate by points. The alternate for the raffle is John Conroy.

High Roller Win-a-Spot Point List
1 Alex Aguiar 153
2 Tim Healey 135
3 Bill Webb 133
4 Eric Copping 125
5 Danny Khuu 119
6 Chuck Burr 102
7 Frankie Calca 99
8 Matthew Brockett 97
9 Stephen Dale Jr. 96
10 Tony Reynaud 92