Mon, April 22, 2019

Clem Amaral Joins the NEBA Champion's List

  • Feb 12, 2007
Clem Amaral, of New Bedford, MA, has bowled his last Non- Champion's tournament, having emerged as NEBA's newest champion at the Non-Champion's event held at Wonder Bowl on Feb. 10th & 11th. with a 225-211 victory over Jim Yost of Bridgewater, MA. Clem,41, squeaked into the finals with his at-large score of 1116,and then proceeded to fight through match play to reach the title match. The 50 year-old Yost was seeded 5th into the finals, rolling an impressive 1223 set on the Sat. night squad and receiving a one round bye. Both bowlers were on the mark, staying even halfway through the final game, but a miscue on a 7 pin by Jim in the 5th frame was the opening Clem needed, who stayed clean through the entire game and secured the victory and the $1,630 cash prize plus the paid entry into his FIRST Tournament of Champions! Jim had a great weekend of bowling, and was rewarded with the $920 runner-up purse.

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