Mon, May 20, 2019

Healey Wins For Second Time in 2012

  • Dec 16, 2012
Tim Healey did not wait long to return to the NEBA winners circle. He defeated Storm DeVincent 233-192 to win his third NEBA Title at Wallingford Bowl in Wallingford, CT to go along with his doubles victory in Cranston, RI. Tim earned $1425 and a paid entry into next year's Ebonite Tournament of Champions. DeVincent won $860 for his runner-up finish.

Tim Healey def Storm DeVincent 233-192

Tim Healey def Bruce Hall 245-223
Storm DeVincent def Chris Monroy 279-151

Bruce Hall def Ryan Graywacz 245-190
Tim Healey def Tom Durand 258-243
Storm DeVincent def Chris Sole 233-215
Chris Monroy def Paul Smith 225-168

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