Sun, December 15, 2019

Highway Construction on 84 in CT this Weekend

  • Jun 27, 2014

A major highway project started tonight in CT. It is state of the art construction which replaces two current highway bridges in just 2-1/2 days using replacement bridges which were built alongside the highway. This means traffic is only disrupted for one weekend instead of months. Unfortunately, it is the town Apple Valley Bowl is located and it is this weekend.

The work is at exit 30 on route 84 in Plantsville.

Most news states that interstate 84 is closed but it isn’t truly closed. The highway is broken down to one lane which is detoured off exit 30 then back on the on-ramp to bypass the construction work. Despite the one lane of traffic, the DOT is asking people to avoid driving on the highway in that area since they will do their best to keep everyone moving but there will be unavoidable delays.

The best bet would be to use a GPS with traffic to give you the best route at the time. There was little traffic back-up tonight but that will probably not be the case tomorrow when more cars are on the road.

Below are links about the project along with a map of alternative routes and webcams. We included alternative directions to Apple Valley at the end of this email. The detour routes are not that much longer (usually about five miles.

Department of Transportation I-84 SPMT Project


Map of Alternative Routes

Live Webcam

Webcams of CT highways including Interstate 84

Hopefully, with all the warnings they have given us in CT, people will go around the area as suggested so there is a flow to 84. I would still listen to the Department of Transportation and get off 84 prior to exit 30. Below are alternative routes.


Apple Valley Bowl 1304 South Main Street Plantsville, CT

From Hartford, Springfield, NH and points North, East or Northwest:

Alternative Route to avoid 84 once you get to Hartford… Take I-91 south to exit 18 (route 691W), follow 691 to exit 3 (route 10). Take a right onto route 10. In 0.3 miles keep left at the fork to stay on route 10. Center is in 0.7 miles on the left. This route only extends your drive by five miles.

Route off 84… If you choose to stay on 84 west, get off exit 32 (route 10/Queen St). Exit 32 is 3.5 miles before exit 30. Turn right onto route 10 for 3.6 miles. Turn left onto route 10/South Main Street. Center will be on right in 1.1 miles.

From New Haven, NY and points South and Southwest:

Take 95 north to 91 north or the Merritt Parkway. Do not use route 8 since it takes you to 84.

Route 1… Take the Merritt Parkway north (RT 15) to take exit 68 west (691 west) to exit 3 (route 10). Take a right off the exit onto route 10. Keep left at the fork then center will be on the left in 0.7 miles.

Route 2… Take 95 North to 91 north to exit 17 (Berlin Tpke/691/66). In one mile take exit 68 west (691 west) to exit 3 (route 10). Take a right off the exit onto route 10. Keep left at the fork then center will be on the left in 0.7 miles.

From the West:

Take 84 if no other options. Get off by exit 27 (691 East toward Meriden). Exit 27 is 1.5 miles before exit 30. Take exit 3 (route 10 toward Cheshire). Turn left onto route 10. In half a mile, keep left at the fork to stay on route 10. The center is 0.7 miles on the left.

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