Thu, April 18, 2019

Injured Brockett Hops to Second Title at Wallingford

  • Apr 29, 2012
Matt Brockett won his second NEBA title with a 194-188 victory over first time bowler John Randazzo Jr. Matt pushed through an injury to take home the $1,350 top place prize along with a $100 paid entry into the Ebonite Tournament of Champions.

Matt Brockett def John Randazzo 194-188

John Randazzo def R.J. Broege 212-181
Matt Brockett def Bob Fleetwood 194-192

R.J. Broege def Steve Fiume 246-233
John Randazzo def Chris Sole 240-222
Bob Fleetwood def Eric Copping 222-157
Matt Brockett def Tim Healey 242-234

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