Tue, November 29, 2022

Ladies Special in Chicopee Thanks to BowlingSeriously.com

  • Jun 29, 2021

NEBA sponsor BowlingSeriously.com is covering part of the entry fee for women at the upcoming Savage Arms Open in Chicopee, MA in July. BowlingSeriously.com has done this for a few years with the hope to encourage women to bowl NEBA but this year the special is for all squads.  Women will get $45 off their first entry making their portion of the entry fee $50.  Women also get $25 off on reentries making their portion of the entry fee $70.

The regular NEBA format returns in July so 1 in 6 women are guaranteed a spot in match play.  All ladies plan to bowl July 10 & 11 plus everyone please share this special opportunity with others. 

Also go to BowlingSeriously.com to see what they are all about and offer especially to bowlers new to our sport.