Fri, March 22, 2019

Lane Assignments for the Ken's Bowl Open & the 1st stop in the Bowling Women's Cup Series

  • Mar 9, 2019

The following are the Lane Assignments for the Ken's Bowl Open & the 1st Stop of the Women's Cup hosted by Ken's Bowl in Pittsfield, Ma

Squad times are Saturday March 9th at 6PM and Sunday March 10th at 9AM & 12:30PM. Walk-ins are allowed. 

At this event only, $35 discount off each woman's first squad entry! 

The Women's Cup prizes are awarded to the point leaders after all five stops. The prizes are in addition to the usual cash earned by all top finishers at each NEBA tournament.

***** Reminder ***

As we need to Spring Ahead tonight and move the clocks 1 hr ahead, please remember to do so and do not be late for your squad..

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