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Lane Pattern for the 2021 Bowl Winkles Pro Shop Open

  • Mar 21, 2021

The lane pattern for the 2021 Bowl Winkles Pro Shop Open hosted by AMF HOF Silver Lanes in East Hartford, CT on Saturday, March 27th, and Sunday, March 28th will be:

Pattern Name: HOF Silver 2021

Pattern Length: 44 ft

Pattern Volume: 28.1 ml

Pattern Ratio: 7.06:1

Squad times will be Saturday, March 27th @ 6 PM (squad limit is 48), Sunday, March 28th at 9 AM & 12:30 PM -(both squads are limited to 78 bowlers), reservations are suggested. ALL reservations MUST be paid in advance thru Venmo or Cash APP. Venmo: @NEBATD   Cash APP: $NEBATD

Re-entries for Sunday at 12:30 pm will be paid in cash only. All pots & brackets will be paid on-site in cash only. 

Make your reservations early at /


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