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Lane Pattern for the 2021 Yankee Lanes Singles Open

  • Jul 26, 2021

The Lane Pattern for the 2021 Yankee Lanes Singles Open hosted by Jeff Barden and Yankee Lanes on Sunday, August 1, 2021, will be:

Pattern Name: Yankee Lanes 2021 Singles Open

Pattern Length: 38 ft

Pattern Volume: 26.6 ml

Pattern Ratio: 4:1

Squad times are Sunday, August 1st at 9 AM (Sold out) and 12:30 PM (4 game qualifier) with elimination style match play to follow.

Make your reservations now for the 12:30 squad at:

Thank you to Jeff Barden and Yankee Lanes for adding $1,000 to each days Prize fund.

If you have made a reservation, please be sure to get your payments in as all reservations must be paid for in advance unless you have made arrangements with Dan Kaye the Tournament Director himself.

  • Your Reservation is NOT CONFIRMED until you pre-pay for your spot. The entry fee is $95.00. 
  •  If you have not paid your membership for 2020 or 2021 you will need to send $120.00 to confirm your spot. Please pay within 20 minutes of making your reservation.  *** Membership Card Link:
  • Payments can be made on Venmo: @NEBATD  or on the Cash App: $NEBATD - (In Comments section please include Full Name, Cell Phone & E-Mail).


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