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Lane Pattern for the DJ's Pro Shop Open - AMF Auburn Lanes

  • Dec 13, 2021

The Lane Pattern for the DJ's Pro Shop Open hosted by AMF Auburn Lanes on December 18-19, 2021 will be:

Pattern Name: Kegel Krypton Sport

Pattern Length: 43 feet

Pattern Volume: 26.92

Pattern Ratio: 2.94:1

Squad times will be Saturday, December 18th at 6 PM, Sunday, December 19th at 9 AM & 12:30 PM with single-game match play to follow.

Make your reservations at:

As this is the final event for 2021, make sure you have bowled at least 5 tournaments in 2020-2021 to qualify for the Cambridge Credit Invitational with $3500 being added by Cambridge Credit and $3500 being added by NEBA for at least $7,000 added to the prize fund for the January 2022 event. 

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