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Lane Pattern & Rules for the 2019 Cambridge Credit Invitational

  • Jan 6, 2019

Sunday January 13th, HOF Silver Lanes in East Hartford will host the 2019 Cambridge Credit Invitational. We have added $7,490.00 to the prize fund as $3,500 has been donated by Chris Viale and Cambridge Credit as well as $1.00 from NEBA for every entry in 2018. You must have bowled in 5 events during 2018 not including the 2018 Cambridge Credit event. 

The lane pattern and rules for the event are posted here.

Pattern Length: 46 ft

Pattern Volume: 28.75 ml

Pattern Ratio: 2.3:1

Squad time is 9AM on Sunday January 13th with 5 games of qualifying, we will cut to the top 24 and bring in the top 16 point leaders of 2018 for an 8 game match-play session where the top 4 will advance to a stepladder finals.

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