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Petraglia and Aguiar Roll to Doubles Title in Exciting Finish

  • Jun 3, 2012
NEBA's 35th Doubles Tournament ended in spectacular fashion. East Providence Lanes was host to a 471-471 Championship Match tie. Johnny Petraglia, Jr. and Alex Aguiar closed a 9th and 10th frame tiebreaker with a 89-66 victory over Steve Violette and Eric Copping. The win was Alex's 13th and Johnny's 1st NEBA Title, and earned them $2,450 as well as $100 entries into November's Ebonite Tournament of Chanpions. Steve & Eric took home $725 each.

View the recap of this weekend's tournament at the following link.. NEBA crowns doubles champions

Championship Match
Johnny Petraglia, Jr./Alex Aguiar def Steve Violette/Eric Copping 471(89)-471(66)

Johnny Petraglia, Jr./Alex Aguiar def Donie Corneau/Jon Van Hees 502-410
Steve Violette/Eric Copping def Bill Webb/Bill Green 509-418

Johnny Petraglia, Jr./Alex Aguiar def John Kirker/Jon Wilbur 481-470
Donie Corneau/Jon Van Hees def Steve Hardy/Steve Wagoner 478-439
Bill Webb/Bill Green def Russ Michaud/Nick Miseno 516-391
Steve Violette/Eric Copping def Randy Hagemoser/Rich Fulton 464-386