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Update on Schedule

  • Jul 27, 2020

NEBA has not run any tournaments since March because COVID-19 restrictions have made hosting tournaments on the schedule not possible.  The NEBA Board of Directors has put time and thought into what is best for our organization, which will allow us to run events consistently and in a manner in which people feel safe.  NEBA has also listened to the bowlers, where a poll sent in June stated only 37% said they would bowl.  This led to the Board deciding that hosting a tournament in June was too soon.  

Over the past month, the Board has been watching how other tournaments have been handling the pandemic, talking to our members, and planning the rest of the 2020 and the start of the 2021 season.  NEBA wants to run tournaments with the highest standards and have a successful 2020 and 2021 season. 

The NEBA season, as we are used to knowing it, will be suspended for 2020.  No tournament for the remainder of the 2020 season will be for Bowler of the Year points or any other yearly statistics.  Anyone who has paid full membership dues (excluding Guest and Non-Member dues) for the 2020 season will automatically have their membership extended for the 2021 season. Season long series (such as the Women’s Cup and the Paul Forry Memorial Challenge) will not take place, and NEBA will work on running them during the 2021 season.  NEBA will attempt to run tournaments for the remainder of the 2020 calendar season, but will be making those decisions on a tournament by tournament basis depending on what the current social distancing guidelines are for the host center, and communication will be sent out regarding the tournament’s status.

NEBA wants to give those who are interested in bowling the opportunity to compete.  The Board of Directors are discussing the possibility of starting back up August 15th/16th at Nutmeg Bowl in Fairfield, CT.  We will look at the rest of the dates and locations on the 2020 schedule and communicate to bowlers details and decisions as applicable.

A survey about running a tournament in August was emailed to those who bowled NEBA in the last three years.  If you bowled since 2018 and you do not see it by the end of today, email so we can update your email address in our system and send you a survey.  

Watch yesterday's livestream talking about this season plus an update by 1st Vice-President Chris Viale on our wonderful sponsors.


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