Sat, February 24, 2024

Strike F/X Pro Shops Doubles & Over/Under Doubles Updates!

  • Jun 4, 2015
Below is an update for each squad for this coming weekend of doubles events. Walk-in entries are always welcome but reservations help us prepare for the squad. Reservations and walk-ins are still being accepted for 1:00PM on Saturday for the Over/Under 50 Doubles and 12:30PM on Sunday for the Stike F/X Doubles.

Saturday O/U 1:00PM - Spots Available
Sunday 9:00AM - FULL
Sunday 12:30PM - Spots Available

Any teams who have reservations for the 9:00AM squad, please communicate with us if plans change and you cannot bowl so we can fill the spot from the waiting list. If a team doesn't cancel at least 2 hours prior to the squad, they will be fined.
Reserve your spot now!