Sun, September 15, 2019

Todd Lathrop Champion

  • Apr 26, 2015
Todd Lathrop won his 7th title as the #1 seed with a convincing 258-202 victory over Alex Aguiar at the Open presented by DV8. The right-hander started the day by leading the 9AM squad with 1179. After a one round bye, he defeated Gary Haines 235-179, Rob Gotterbarn 224-188, Alex Cavagnaro 201-191, Darrin Borges 226-199 and Alex Aguiar 258-202. Todd won $1,600 plus a paid entry into the Brunswick Tournament of Champions while Alex took home $1,000 for his runner-up finish. Thank you to, NEBA's longest sponsor, for adding $1,000 to this event, $1,500 to the annual awards and their continued support over the years.

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