Sat, February 23, 2019

Trudell and Healey Triumphant in Cranston

  • Sep 30, 2012
At NEBA's 36th Doubles Tournament, Billy Trudell and Tim Healey defeated Marcel Lessard and Tony Reynaud 435-409 in the Baker Doubles Championship Match. The win was Billy's 1st and Tim's 2nd NEBA Title, and earned them $2,100 as well as $100 entries into November's Ebonite Tournament of Chanpions. Marcel & Tony took home $675 each.

Championship Match
Billy Trudell/Tim Healey def Marcel Lessard/Tony Reynaud 435-409

Billy Trudell/Tim Healey def Danny Khuu/Todd Lathrop 504-406
Marcel Lessard/Tony Reynaud def Joe Talarczyk/Bill Webb 431-390

Danny Khuu/Todd Lathrop def Joe Novara/Joe Scianna 485-395
Billy Trudell/Tim Healey def Mike Rose, Jr./Alex Aguiar 429-392
Joe Talarczyk/Bill Webb def Frank Pawlus, III/R.J. Broege 453-379
Marcel Lessard/Tony Reynaud def Donie Corneau/Jon Van Hees 447-434

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