Mon, June 24, 2024

2024 Many Styles of Bowling Lane Pattern

  • Jan 14, 2024

The Lane pattern for the 2024 Many Styles of Bowling Open Singles Event to be hosted at Bowlero East Haven Lanes in East Haven, CT on Saturday, January 20, 2024, and Sunday, January 21, 2024, will be:


Pattern Name: Kegel Stone Street

Pattern Length: 42 ft

Pattern Volume: 23.15 ml

Pattern Ratio: 10.5:1.00


A reminder, pursuant to the established pattern committee criteria established in 2023, all "Recreational" pattern stops shall be the house shot pattern. This is the first of four "Recreational" pattern events, and Kegel Stone Street is the house shot for East Haven Lanes.


We want to thank LaRue Marlow and Many Style of Bowling for their continued support of NEBA and the Sport of Bowling.


Qualifying squads are Saturday, January 20th at 6:00pm, Sunday, January 21st at 9:00am and 12:30pm.