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Become Involved with NEBA by Joining the Board of Directors

  • Dec 5, 2021

Become part of the

2022 NEBA Board of Directors



Commitment is one calendar year starting in January

Must be a current member in good standing

for at least one full year


Board members at-large are expected to:


Attend board meetings

(usually four a year held at tournament sites during the 9AM squad)


Respond to discussions & vote between meetings usually by email


Positively represent NEBA on and off the lanes


Board members can also volunteer to be on committees



Per the NEBA Bylaws, you must express interest in writing

to the President

at least a week before Annual Meeting



The deadline is Sunday, December 12th


Contact President Chris Viale or

Manager Becky Kregling for more information

Email Chris at or text Becky at 203-377-0161