Mon, April 15, 2024

Keene Doubles and Singles Date Change

  • May 28, 2023


We’ve received some negative feedback on the date change for the Keene events in late July.  We wanted to give some background on how and why the dates were changed. 

The Keene singles and doubles events are always accompanied by a golf outing, and that outing had already been planned for July 28 – this was booked in advance.  Unfortunately the scheduling committee was unaware of the golf outing date and booked the Keene events for the weekend before July 29-30.  The error/miscommunication was not caught until recently.  It is not practical to hold the golf and bowling events on different weekends.

Once we realized the error, the scheduling committee and Jeff Barden were consulted regarding moving the events to July 29-30.  Both agreed, so it was put to a board vote, with a majority of members approving the change. So, the dates were changed.

In hindsight the dates for the Keene events should always have been July 29-30.  We realize that people make plans in advance, and NEBA would like to apologize to those who had already made alternate plans, particularly those affected by the Luci. We will strive to avoid such confusion in the future. 



NEBA Executive Committee