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Lane Pattern for the 2020 BuddiesProShop.com Open Presented by 900 Global

  • Aug 4, 2020

The Lane Pattern for the BuddiesProShop.com Open Presented by 900 Global will be

Pattern Name: Neba 2020 Nutmeg

Pattern Length: 40 feet

Pattern Volume: 26.85 ml

Pattern Ratio: 6.14:1

Squad times are Saturday 8/15 - 6 PM with a limit of 40 Bowlers, Sunday 8/16 at 9 AM & 12:30 PM with a limit of 56 bowlers on each squad. Prepaid reservations are a must. NO WALKINS ENTRIES ALLOWED. You must pay for your entry via Cash App to $NEBATD or Venmo to @NEBATD withing 20 minutes of making your reservation. 

See details on BowlNEBA.com on how to bowl plus rules and policies which were created with respect to COVID restrictions and social distancing to maximize safety and minimize risk..

NEBA is Back!

August 15-16, 2020 at Nutmeg Bowl, Fairfield, CT

Singles Tournament

BuddiesProShop.com Open presented by 900 Global

$1,500 added to the prize fund