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Lane Patterns for the 2019 Masters

  • Aug 18, 2019

The lane patterns for the 2019 NEBA Masters will be as follows:

  • Each round shall be contested on a different lane condition

    • Qualifying (NEBA Masters - Short)

      • Length: 35 Feet

      • Ratio: 1.37 : 1

      • Volume: 27.85 mL

    • Finals (2019 USBC Masters)

      • Length: 39 Feet

      • Ratio: 1.49 : 1

      • Volume: 32.2 mL

  • A fresh lane condition shall be used at the beginning of each round.

Squad time will be Sunday August 25th at 9AM hosted by AMF HOF Silver Lanes in East Hartford, CT.  Make your reservations early as the squad is limited to 130 reservations. This will be sold out shortly and a waiting list will be started.

The Masters rules are attached and we will be adding $5,000 to the prize fund of this event thanks to our tournament sponsors; Chester Electric & Sons, Bloomfield Electric & Jason OH.