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Lane Patterns for the 2021 NEBA Masters

  • Aug 22, 2021

The Lane Patterns for the 2021 NEBA Masters sponsored by Bloomfield Electric, Tony & Sue Reynaud with additional monies added by and hosted at Nutmeg Bowl on Sunday, Aug 29th will be:

Qualifying Lane Pattern - 7 games

Pattern Length: 45 ft

Pattern Volume: 29.56 ml

Pattern Ratio: 1.82:1

Finals Lane Pattern

Pattern Length: 40 ft

Pattern Volume: 30.3 ml

Pattern Ratio: 1.67:1

A total of $5,000 was added to the day's prize fund.   as we have a limited Field. Reservations are suggested and prepaid. Make your reservations early at:

Effective Monday, August 23rd by notice from the Town of Fairfield, all individuals inside public buildings must wear a facial mask at ALL times regardless of vaccination status.  As this is a town mandate, NEBA is required to follow the rules that will be enforced by the bowling center. 


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