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Looking for the next Manager of NEBA

  • Mar 7, 2023

Are you interested in being the next NEBA Manager OR Do you know someone who would be a good Manager for NEBA?

Attention NEBA community ? We are hiring a NEBA MANAGER ? The main responsibilities include:

• Serving and protecting interests of all members of NEBA

• Keeping the minutes of all meetings held by NEBA, writing up and sending the minutes out for approval, gathering feedback, posting, and emailing the minutes to the general membership

• Performing the duties of statistician (keeping the records of all scores, participant averages, and all statistical categories updated for the year-end prizes)

• Publishing tournament recaps to the NEBA website and sending them through email to the general membership

• Coordinating tournament prize lists with the Tournament Director and the tournament committee for special tournaments

• Keeping the financial statements of NEBA, and collecting and managing all money belonging to or due NEBA

The complete list of duties is also available on Pages 4-5 of NEBA Bylaws and Tournament Rules:

If you are interested in applying for the position or have any questions, please email us at Applications accepted through March 13.


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