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October 10-11 Dexter $60 Entry Bowl for the Cure Singles presented by DJ's Pro Shop in AMF Auburn Lanes

  • Sep 30, 2020

Dexter $60 Bowl for the Cure Singles presented by DJ's Pro Shop

October 10-11

AMF Auburn Lanes, Auburn, MA


Squads Saturday 6PM, Sunday 9AM, Sunday 12:30PM

Finals are Head to head matches for last four rounds

$60 Entry Fee
($25 membership for 2020-21 seasons, No guests allowed)
Reservations with prepaid entries open until Friday at 10PM

After Friday, if spots are open, prepaid entries will still be taken to guarantee a spot and
reservations up to 2 hours before the squad will be taken with payment on-site in cash or the apps

No walk-ins - Must call or text Tournament Director Dan prior to arriving center.

Reentries will be allowed if space is available
Payment can be via the apps or cash for reentries.
Maximum of 160 entries
(40 spots at 6:00PM, 60 spots at 9:00AM and 60 spots at 12:30PM)
One spectator per bowler allowed
or up to 2 spectators for which a bowler is guardian

Masks or face coverings must be worn
except when on the approach making a shot



Policies and Rule Changes for the Tournament on October 10-11, 2020


TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: The rules of state travel must be followed for your state and the state the center is located.


HOW TO ENTER and GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT:  Make a reservation on Using the instructions in your confirmation email, pay for your spot within an hour with Cash App or Venmo. Spots are not guaranteed until paid. If spots are not filled by the online reservation deadline of 10PM on Friday, spots can be reserved by contacting the NEBA Tournament Director 2 hours prior to the squad then prepay or pay in cash on-site. A waiver of liability must be signed before the start of your first squad. Payment of entry, waiver and spot will be confirmed within 24 hours by NEBA. Refunds can be given 48 hours in advance and at the discretion of the tournament director within 48 hours.



35 MILE RADIUS RULE: All bowlers who live in a 35 mile radius cannot bowl their first entry on the last squad at 12:30PM. This is a radius not the number of miles driven. This rule has been part of NEBA for over 50 years to deter people who live within an hour of the center to take spots on the last squad so those who have to travel further do not have to bowl the morning squad. The list of 2018, 2019 and 2020 members will indicate who is within this radius. Contact the NEBA staff to have this explained if you do not understand.


MASKS & FACE COVERINGS:  Competitors must always wear a mask while in the building, including during competition. The mask must completely cover the nose and mouth. Competitors may lower their masks while on the approach but must return the mask to its proper position prior to walking off the approach preferably prior to leaving the foul line. Competitors who refuse to wear a mask will not be allowed entry into the building. Violations to the policy may result in disqualification from the tournament and/or suspension of membership.


DAY OF TOURNAMENT (PANDEMIC CONSIDERATIONS):  Temperatures might be checked by center staff before walking into the building. Anyone 100.4 or higher will not be allowed in and will be refunded their entry. You will check-in on paper without going into the tournament office and report to your assigned lane. A printed waiver has to be signed before the start of the tournament. Every other pair will be used with a maximum of five bowlers per pair which gives that group room to social distance. Three games will be bowled on the starting pair then two games will be bowled on an adjacent pair which was not used. This is a change to the rule of bowling games on different pairs across the center. Moving pairs would require the center to clean the entire settee in between games which would have a negative impact upon the time frame and groups stay together in a “pod” for qualifying.


CENTER CAPACITY and SOCIAL DISTANCING:  For the Saturday m\night squad, NEBA will use or all of the center based upon entries with open play allowed on lanes not being used by NEBA. Sunday NEBA has the entire center from 8AM-3PM. Bowlers who made the cut on Saturday can enter anytime on Sunday. Bowlers on either squad Sunday can enter the building anytime on Sunday. One spectator per bowler is allowed. One parent or one person which a bowler is guardian.  Spectators are not allowed in the bowling settee area or at the tables set up for the bowlers. Spectators can be on the concourse and possibly sit at tables on the concourse depending upon the layout of the center.  Announcements will be made at the center regarding spectator areas.


REENTRIES:  Reentries will be taken if there are spots available. The reentry list will be used to determine the order the spots are filled. You must sign up on the reentry list when you check-in to be offered a spot.


FORMAT and PRIZE FUND: 1 in 5 bowlers off each squad cash and advance to the eliminator style finals. The first round of the finals will cut to 16 for the second round regardless of the number of entries. Seniors (50-59), Super Seniors (60 & over) and women will be combined into one group and guaranteed to cash at a ratio of 1 in 6 entries over all squads. Those who make the eliminator finals are included in the cashing ratio then cash spots of $120 will be paid. Monies won will be paid out using Cash App, Venmo and Cash.


SPONSORS: DJ’s Pro Shop located in AMF Auburn and Dexter Bowling.


LIVESTREAM: The last four rounds of the finals will be streamed by TechVision.


NEBA 2020 SEASON AND AWARDS: The NEBA season, as we are used to knowing it, will be suspended for 2020.  No tournament for the remainder of the 2020 season will be for Bowler of the Year points or any other yearly statistics.  Anyone who has paid full membership dues (excluding Guest and Non-Member dues) for the 2020 season will automatically have their membership extended for the 2021 season. Season long series (such as the Women’s Cup and the Paul Forry Memorial Challenge) will not take place, and NEBA will work on running them during the 2021 season.  NEBA will attempt to run tournaments for the remainder of the 2020 calendar season, but will be making those decisions on a tournament by tournament basis depending on what the current social distancing guidelines are for the host center, and communication will be sent out regarding the tournament’s status.