Thu, February 29, 2024

Paul Forry Memorial Challenge Won by Adam ZImmerman

  • Dec 13, 2022

The inaugural Paul Forry Memorial Challenge created enthusiasm at NEBA throughout 2022 with the finale at the Ideal Bowling Concepts Open proving to be very exciting. 

Thirty-two bowlers advanced to the finale. Twenty would cash based upon finish and qualifying score at the year end tournament. Thirty-one bowlers competed. Fourteen made match play so six spots were paid based upon qualifying scores (Chris Forry 1028, Stephen Dale Jr 1018, Tarik Joyner 1008, Steve Blanchet 1004, Chris Sole 1001 and Chris Viale 992). Nine were knocked out in the first two rounds (Jay Johnson, Bruce Hall, Mike Mirabile, Jeremy Milito, Andrew Hall, John Becker, Jeremy Hartbarger, Kevin Thibeault and John Kirker) leaving five to share nearly $6,000 including the $2,000 first place prize. Four of the five were matched up against each other in the third round. Stephen Major edged out Alex Aguiar 203-200, Adam Zimmerman defeated Ditto Fitzpatrick 201-191 and Bill Webb lost with 191. Bill and Ditto each received $637 while Alex took home $1,125. The two left in the Paul Forry Challenge bowled each other in the tournament semi-finals. Adam Zimmerman shot 220 to Stephen Major's 199 to give Adam the Forry Cup and the $2,000 first place prize. The Forry family is sponsoring the Second Paul Forry Memorial Challenge in 2023.